1.         The Visit

Welcome to Kitchen & Bath Concepts!  We hope you will schedule a visit to our showroom in The Houston Design Center.  Meanwhile, take a look around the KBC website where you’ll see pictures of some of the amazing kitchens and bathrooms our designers have planned and perfected for delighted clients over the years. The KBC showroom and web site represent the finest products available for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, offices and any other place where well-planned and executed storage is desired.  

This visit will help you focus on your own unique requirements, concept to completion, for your new kitchen or bathroom.  KBC can also supply a preliminary estimate based on your prepared plans and elevations and your preferences for style and finish of cabinetry, appliances, etc. This can also help in establishing a realistic budget for your project.

2.        The Measurement

If professional plans are not available, our trained professional designers are prepared to do the design work for you on a Retainer basis.  A KBC Designer will schedule a visit to your home, take precise measurements and ask many questions relating to your lifestyle and preferences in order to prepare your new floor plan and elevations.

3.        The Plan & Proposal

Based on the data from the measurement and our notes from discussions with you, KBC will prepare floorplan and elevation drawings depicting our ideas on how to best meet your needs and desires.  While the design is our effort to provide a functional, efficient and eye-popping project, the kitchen or bath is YOURS, so always feel free to request changes or modifications you feel would better suit your needs.

The Plan & Proposal stage may include some costs and specifications as well as additional details of the design.  Also, it may include details of some items such as countertops, appliances, plumbing fixtures, flooring or other items selected for the project.  These additional details can be provided if desired by the client within the Retainer at typical hourly rates. 

4.        The Agreement

When the decision is made to purchase, a purchase Agreement is made between you and Kitchen & Bath Concepts defining in detail the cabinetry purchased, the installation, and any other product or work included.  

This Agreement may cover cabinetry only, or cabinetry and installation.  KBC can also supply countertops, appliances, plumbing & light fixtures and tile. These items are ideally supplied under a separate Agreement from the cabinetry purchase.  We can also coordinate delivery and installation timing with your own contractor, or suggest one of the experienced and respected contractors that we work with regularly.  (KBC is not a General Contractor.  We are a design/supply firm that installs the products that we supply into prepared areas.)

The cabinetry you purchase from KBC is custom designed and manufactured for your preferences and your space for size, content, color and material specifications.  A deposit is required to place the order.  Terms of payment are defined in the Agreement, and generally call for further payment as cabinets are received or as work is accomplished.

5.        The Delivery

            KBC receives a factory confirmation soon after receipt of your cabinet order which also includes projected week of delivery.  This is tracked and confirmed again later in the manufacturing process and then the actual shipping date and expected delivery date are confirmed the week prior to delivery.  Deliveries are generally made to a local warehouse and then delivered to your home within a few days or held in storage until your project is ready for installation. 

6.        The Installation

When your space is ready, and the cabinets are on site, KBC’s installers, all skilled and experienced craftsmen, will arrive to begin their work.  Your Designer and/or the lead installer, may visit the site a few days prior to be sure the space will be ready.  This means that all appliance and plumbing rough-ins are completed and in correct locations for the placement of cabinetry and equipment, in accordance with your plans and product specifications, and that sheetrock, paint and flooring will be completed before cabinet installation begins. 

Your custom-manufactured cabinetry is built and finished like furniture, and should be treated as such.  Your cabinet finish will be tougher than a typical furniture finish, and is built to be enjoyed for many years…maybe even a lifetime.  

It is Kitchen & Bath Concepts’ sincere hope that the upset to your household is kept to a minimum as work is underway.  We truly believe that your finished project, kitchen, bath or other, will be well worth the time and turmoil getting there.  


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